Mark 13

Title: Lord, When?

Text: Mark 13


Introduction: Temple Destruction; Mount of Olives; When and What


I.     A Comparison of Mark 13 and Revelation 6&7

Mark   Revelation Seals: Open; Come; colored horse; job
13.5,6 1.      I am he; lead astray 6.1-2 1.      Crown, Conquer, Conquering
13.7,8 2.      Wars, rumor of wars; nation against nation, kingdom, etc. 6.3,4 2.      Take peace; slay one another; sword
13.8b 3.      Earthquakes, famine, 6.5,6 3.      Scales, food expensive
13.8c 4.      These are the birth pains 6.7-8 4.      Death; by sword; Pestilence; famine; wild beasts
v9-13 5.      Persecution arising from their witness and the Gospel 6.9-11 5.      Martyrs are slain for the Word of God and their Witness
14-23 6.      Great Tribulation 6.12-17 6.      Great Tribulation
24-27 7.      The Return of the Son of Man 7.1-14 7.      In heaven, these coming out of the Great Tribulation
28-31 8.      The Parable of the Fig Tree and its Lesson    
32-33 9.      Keep Alert; Keep Awake    
34-37 10.  The Parable of the Journeying Master: Keep Alert; Awake    


II.    A Caution against End Times Predictions (13.5, 32)

exp.: rd v5-6, 32; I find it interesting that some non-signs are: earthquakes, famines, wars, false messiahs, persecution. These things will happen leading up to the end, but they are not the end! The 1st thing Jesus does in Chapter 13 is to say you’ll see these things, but don’t be alarmed. This is not the end!

ill.: Rd v 5; Caution:

  1. William Miller, October 22nd, 1844
  2. Harold Camping, May 21st, 2011 And again, October 21st, 2011

Rd v 6; David Koresh; Jim Jones

ill.: There is a really big push for the stars and planets aligning in September 17th-23rd, 2017. It starts with a major Solar Eclipse on the 21st of August 2017. Folks in WY will be able to see it get totally dark!

app.: But if I give you these dates, what do you know?

t.s.: We don’t know the day nor the hour; rd v32;

III.   A Call for Watchfulness (13.28-37)

exp.: with two lessons: The Lesson we learn from the fig tree And, the Man going on a journey.  I think this is a call for seeing the signs of the times. Verse 30 is a tough verse for many. Rd v 30;

There are quite a few scholars who hold to Mark 13’s teachings to be all within that particular generations events. There were wars and famine and earthquakes in that generation. They were persecuted and turned over to councils and governors and kings to witness for Christ. Many were betrayed by family. They would understand the abomination of desolation to have occurred in 70 AD at the fall of Jerusalem and Judah. Pompei was in 70 AD. They saw Christ on the clouds in his ascension to the father. What a display of power and authority. I think many who are what we call Amillenial would say that generation saw the Kingdom ushered in and the church age is the reign of Christ. Pre-millenialist would say no. That is a literal 1,000 year reign yet to happen.

Personally, the outline I gave to you from Revelation is what I believe is happening here – is what Jesus is teaching here of the end times.

ill.: If you wonder if I’m A-millennial or Pre-millennial, it would depend on what time of the day or even what day it is! I go back and forth regularly. An A-millenialist will argue with me and I’ll be, oh, yeah. I can see that. And a pre-millenialist will defend his view and I’ll be like, Oh, Yeah, I can really see that!

app.: What does bother me is those people who get mad and act like you’re going to hell buddy if you don’t believe like me! Stay away from those people. Here’s my final word. I reserve the right to chose when I’m in the air. Until then, I guess I’ll just keep vacillating between the two. Besides, I’m guessing both groups will be in heaven!

t.s.: So, what will we take home with us, today?

Conclusion: As I stand here today thinking of what I hope you’ll take with you as you walk away from these facilities today, I want you to know the following:


  1. People get ready! Jesus is coming! Soon we’ll be going home.
    1. If you’ve never surrendered you life to Christ, I urge you to do that right now. You have no idea if your life will end or if Jesus will return. Either way, when that happens, it will be too late! So, get that right today.
  2. Here’s what you can be sure of: Christ will return victorious. And for those of you who think I’m standing here a fool. That’s ok. Christ will come and vindicate his people. And I don’t look at that like: ha-ha, I told you. It breaks my heart to think of those who will miss out because of pride or selfishness. The Scripture teaches that one day – every knee will bow before him and confess that he is Lord. Why not do that in victory? I’m pleading with you not to do that in defeat – for then, it will be too late.
  3. Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Let’s not grow weary in well-doing. Oh, I know you’re tired. I know the time seems to get long. Hang in there, my friend. The joy that waits you is beyond what words can possibly describe.


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