Genesis 27.41-28.22

Title: An Amazing Perspective Changes Everything

Text: Genesis 27.41-28.22

CIT: Jacob fled for his life and found God in a power way.

CIS: What does the evide


The Death of Abraham; Esau and Jacob’s journey (25-27)

Transition: So Jacob deceived his brother and stole his blessing. Tonight’s passage is divided into 4 parts:

Jacob’s Departure, Dream, and Declaration

1.     Jacob’s Dilemma (27.41-46)

exp.: Esau’s hatred and threats; his life is in danger; rd v 41

  • Esau’s hatred of his little brother (v 41)
  • Rebekah’s Deceptive plan to save her son (v42-46)
    • To Isaac
    • To Jacob

Transition: Jacob’s dilemma was that his life was in danger. If he stayed, his days were numbered.

2.     Jacob’s Departure (28.1-9)


  • Isaac’s Instructions to Jacob to find a wife from their family; rd v 1-2;
  • Isaac’s identification of Jacob as the heir to the Abrahamic Covenant; rd v3-5; Gen 17.1; El Shaddai;
  • Esau’s desire to please his father; rd v 6-9;

Transition: Our sins have a way of finding us out. What I mean by that is Rebekah got her way, she got what she wanted; however, she would never see

3.     Jacob’s Dream (28.10-15)

exp.: rd v 10-11; who is with him? he’s alone; imagine with me, if you will, what it must have been like for him; rd v 12; What do we see;

  • The ladder; an escalator? A flight of stairs?
  • The Angels; ascending and descending; John 1.51
  • The Lord
    • A Visual communication to Jacob that God is at work here, ushering angels about to do his work;
    • A Verbal communication to Jacob that God is at work here!
      • I am
      • I will
      • Your offspring will
      • You will
      • I am
      • I will

Transition: Jacob’s dilemma is that his brother will kill him as soon as Isaac is dead; So Rebekah hatches a plan to save her son by sending him to her homeland to find a wife through her husband; Esau is fooled into getting a wife that’s not a Canaanite! Jacob stops for the night, all alone and uses a rock for a pillow. He dreams a magnificent dream and wakes up and says… which brings us to our Act 1, scene 4:

4.     Jacob’s Declaration (28.16-28.22)


  • He was Amazed and declared: – rd v 16; Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place
  • He was Afraid and declared – rd v 17;
  • He was Awestruck and moved in two ways:
  • His worship – rd v 18-19; his pillow turned pillar! A demonstration of his love and commitment to God; He renamed the place; that’s big, too
  • His commitment – rd v 20-22; still, very selfish thought, huh? Isn’t he placing conditions on his commitment? If you will…Then I will… sort of condition?

Transition: Have you ever placed conditions on your commitment to God? Be honest!

Observations & Implications:

  1. Do we really think our decisions through to their outcome? I mean, not just the immediate pleasure, but the devastation we’re headed toward? A loan brings a car quickly. A loan means a long term payment!
  2. As I mentioned earlier, our sins have a way of finding us out!
    1. It will cost us more than we ever wanted to pay
    2. It will take us further than we ever wanted go
    3. And It will keep us longer than we ever wanted to stay
  3. Do you realize that God is at work where you are? You might not see him, but he’s there!
  4. Does your understanding and realization of God in your life move you to worship? Is it conditional?

What will you take home with you?


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