Genesis 25.1-18

Title: The Death of Abraham

Text: Genesis 25.1-18

CIT: God has kept his promises

CIS: God has kept his promises and therefore, we can trust him to keep his promises to us.


I’ve been blessed because of my faith-in-law; One day, I’ll move to the ranch w/ Lisa and we’ll live in the bunkhouse (maybe); when we’re old and Lisa’s mom has gone to be with the Lord, we’ll inherit the cabin; I’ll probably have some cows; I’m so glad my father-in-law worked that out with his children before he passed.

There is a theme Moses wants to convey to us. It becomes clear when you look at the passages before and after: Isaac gets a wife & Isaac get a couple of boys; Theme: God has kept his promises to Abraham by making his offspring into many nations; rd 24.67c; Sarah has died; now what? Well, I’ve divided this passage up into three parts:

  •       Abraham’s life without Sarah
  •       Abraham’s death and burial next to Sarah
  •       Abraham: the father of many nations


   1.    Abraham’s life without Sarah (1-6)

exp.: Abraham lives another 35-37 years without Sarah; So, rd v 1; he takes

       1.   A new wife: Keturah; Had she lived in his presence as a servant already? She gives him

              i.     6 sons; (v2-4) and

             ii.     10 grandsons; With all of these boys now, plans need to be made.

       2.   Estate Planning

              i.     His wife, Sarah’s son: Isaac (5, 10-11; previous chapter, next chapter); He is the sole heir;

             ii.     His Concubines: ??? (6); Why is it plural?Is this a reference to

                    1.   Keturah and

                    2.  Hagar, listed in 2-4 & 12-18? I think so. rd v 6;

                         –  He gave his sons gifts

                         –  He sent his sons away – out of the promised land. That way, there would be no conflict concerning inheritance;

ill.: Matthew Henry: Observe, He did this while he yet lived, lest it should not be done, or not so well done, afterwards. Note, In many cases it is wisdom for men to make their own hands their executors, and what they find to do to do it while they live, as far as they can.

app.: What a great plan! This way, when he’s gone, there will be no dispute of what belongs to who.

t.s.: 1st, we’re shown Abraham’s life without Sarah. Now, we’re shown

2.   Abraham’s death and burial next to Sarah (7-11)

exp.: rd v 7;

  •      Abraham’s life: 175 years; Gen. 11. Life is getting shorter; Gen 35.28; 180 years; Gen. 50.22;
  •      Abraham’s death: rd v 8; Gen 15.15; read v 9-10;
  •      Abraham’s sons bury him next to Sarah: We’ve not heard from Ishmael since he left; It appears he comes back into Abraham’s life after Sarah is gone. They bury him in the place set as a marker of their faith. Rd v 11;
  •      God blesses Isaac, who settles in the Promised Land. His actions show his faith and God blesses his faith. He inherits his father’s riches and settles at Beer-lahai-roi; Do you remember this place? Where Hagar called out to God. 16.14; 24.62; A place Isaac liked to go?

ill.: Isaac’s life; Not a whole lot of activity with God. There is, but like Abraham, there are many years in between the communication; most of what we’ll see will be about his descendants.

app.: Do you find it hard to keep your walk with God when you find long periods of time without clear direction from God. Really, what communication do you have that you find isn’t enough? Micah 6.8; John 3.16; 1 John 1.9; Matthew 28.18-20; others? Do you think that too often we’re just looking for a ‘feel good devotional’?

t.s.: Abraham’s life without Sarah; Abraham’s death and burial next to Sarah; and finally,


   3.   Abraham: the Father of many nations (12-18)

exp.: Really, this section sandwiches with the 1st, around Abraham’s death;

          –    Ishmael’s sons (12-16): 12 sons; look at the 1st two: Isa. 60.1-7; Prophecy concerning Christ; 1 Chron. 5.19; Isa. 21.14; Job 6.19

          –    Ishmael’s death (17); 137 years old! Sounds like v 8;

          –    Ishmael’s territory (18): in keeping with v 6; The sons of Abraham’s concubines were sent away from Isaac and the promised land.

Conclusion: What a legacy:

  • Matthew 1.1 begins with his legacy to Christ – What a promise…
  • Romans & Galatians tell us that we’re justified by faith, just as Abraham was; we believe God at his word and we’re justified. Christ is the fulfillment of the promise.
  • Hebrews gives us the faith chapter and teaches us there about exercising our faith: in obedience (v.8) go where he sends; in living out our daily lives where he plants us (9), in hope, casting our eyes on the real promised land (10), in doing (living) the impossible (11-12); rd v 13-19;
  • James tells us that we’re justified when we work our faith out, just as Abraham worked out his faith by taking his son Isaac up to Mt. Moriah and offered him to the Lord. Abraham just didn’t give mental ascent to God’s promises, but loaded up his donkey and his servants and journeyed three days to that place in faith. 2.22

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