Genesis 22.1-24

Title: The Test of Faith

Text: Genesis 22.1-24

Introduction: Review to this point –

  • 12.1-3 – Called from Ur – launched a life of faith
  • 12.7 – worshipped the Lord in the midst of the land of promise
  • 13.1ff – Abraham and Lot part ways; Lot chooses the more fertile property
  • 15 – God’s promise restated with dramatic flare; see the stars; rd v 1-6;
  • 15 – God’s promise demonstrated with dramatic flare; sacrifice; rd 7-17
  • 17 – God changes Abram’s name to Abraham to reflect God’s promise to him; Sarah’s name is changed, too; A son is promised: Laughter will be his name; rd v 15-19; Circumcision was given as an external visual of the covenant promise and Abraham obeyed; rc v 23-27
  • 18 – Sarah will laugh, too; rd 10-15;
  • There were highs and lows on this faith’s journey;

The statement of God Promise and the multiple restatements came:

  1. When Abraham first set foot in Canaan
  2. When under the stars he believed the Lord
  3. When he saw the fiery presence of God glide between the flayed parts
  4. When he, Sarah and Isaac were given their names
  5. When the external sign of circumcision was given and he and his men were circumcised
  6. When he and Sarah held baby Laughter in their arms and he called the Lord The Everlasting God. rd  21.34; These restatements of the promise initiated Abraham’s long, secure stay in the land of the Philistines (the promised land). What a beautiful story it would be if it ended there. But it doesn’t!

Note how 22.1 begins; rd v 1a; it’s a good thing he tells us he’s being tested. If we didn’t already know that, we’d have a tough time with these verses! Let me ask: Can you grow in your faith without testing? Ok, then, when do you grow the most, the strongest? rd 1b; A call; an answer; it’s here in v 2 that we read the command of God: rd v 2;

  1. The Command of God (1-2)
    1. Take (2a) – your son, your only son, whom you love (3x’s);
    2. Go – to the land of Moriah (some distance away); to a mountain I’ll show you;
    3. Offer (2b) – him to me; as a burnt offering;

app.: Does God call us to offer him our children? All that we have?

  1. The Obedience of Abraham
    1. Abraham’s Obedience (3-8)

i.     He rose

ii.     He took

  1. Two young servants
  2. His young son (same word); they’re probably about the same age. Young man, probably a teen.

iii.     He cut, enough wood to build and burn; ill.: to destroy a cow, rancher used a worn out tire;

iv.     He went

  1. A three day journey
  2. His head lowered; lifted up his eyes;
  3. Belief in the resurrection: 22.5;

v.     He offered (9-10)

  1. Abraham’s Offering (9-10)

i.     He built the altar

ii.     He bound his son

iii.     He took the knife

  1. The Intervention of God (11-14)
    1. Called twice, instead of once
    2. I see
    3. God provides
    4. The Blessing of Abraham (15-24)
      1. As seen through the promise restated
      2. As seen through the descendants mentioned where God’s promises may find fulfillment.

Observation & Implications

  1. God is the ‘Enduring God’. He endures with us through thick and thin, always working his promises in our lives.
  2. Our faith is expressed through our obedience. Disobedience displays rebellion or a lack of faith.
  3. God provided a sacrifice for us, to take our place.

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