Genesis 19.30-38

Title: The Last Word on Lot

Text: Genesis 19.30-38

CIT: God tells us the last chapter in Lot’s life so that’ll we’ll understand his heritage.

CIS: We must be careful to live godly lives.

Introduction: Where are we? Abraham has headed back up the heights from his camp. I wonder how he slept that night.

  • He sees Sodom has been destroyed. A line of smoke rising in the sky.
  • I wonder if he knows about Lot’s survival?
  • He knows better about God’s righteousness and just ways.

I’ve divided last week’s passage into 4 actions:

  1. The actions of a righteous man
  2. The actions of wicked men
  3. The actions of mighty angels
  4. The actions of a Righteous God

Transition: We didn’t finish, so let’s conclude with action #4: The actions of a righteous God. As an introduction, let’s begin with a very quick review of last week…the 1st action…

I.          The Actions of a Righteous Man (1-3)


  • He’s humble; rd 2a
  • He’s hospitable; rd 2b-c
  • He’s cares; he’s concerned for their safety and welfare, not just their weariness. Rd 3;
  • He’s persistent! He wrestled with them, as it were;
  • He’s a gracious host; lavishing on them a feast. Funny, they ate earlier with the LORD at Abraham’s place.

app.:  Here we see the actions of a righteous man persist in doing good deeds…

Transition: next, we see the

II.        The Actions of Wicked Men (4-9)

  1. They’ve been plotting – They saw them and lusted after them, so they plotted on how to get them; obviously, they decided force is the best way to go about this. Which tells another things about wicked me…
  2. They’re controlled by their feelings
  3. Angry over the absence of approval. They accuse Lot of being judgmental.  Who are you to judge us! Remember what he said: do not act so wickedly! Oh yeah? Who are you to judge us!

Transition: 3rd,

II.    The Actions of Mighty Angels (10-16)

exp.: rd v 10;

  1. They grab Lot; rd v 11
  2. They blind the wicked; rd v 12-13
  3. They offer an escape to Lot and others; rd 14; rd v 15-16; maybe they were in a hurry because Lot wasn’t in a hurry?
  4. They hurry Lot along, even as he lingers, they take them by the hands.

Transition: The Actions of the righteous, the wicked, the angels, and lastly, which is where we pick up tonight –

IV.    The Actions of a Righteous God (17-29)

exp.: rd v 17-20; Can you believe this man? God has worked miraculously in all of this. Now, he seems to be pushing the envelope! Look at God’s actions:

–  Deliverance:

  • Mercy: v 21
  • Patience: v 22a; Then, the sun comes up; rd v 22b-24;

–  Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

  • A rain of sulfur and fire on the city (24)
  • Total elimination of life. (25); Von RAD (p. 221) mentions in his commentary the natural possibilities of this happening since the area of the Dead Sea is on a tectonic plate and the area is filled with asphalt and petroleum and gases. A lit fire or torch would easily have ignited it all. However, remember – the LORD rained sulphur and fire from heaven.

–  Disobedience by Lot’s Wife brings her destruction; rd v 26 Lot’s wife lingered longer and suffered the same fate for it. Listen to Kurt Strassner: Finally, walk back with me to Lot’s house and observe his wife, packing her belongings. She looks around longingly at her beautiful living room, a symbol of the status she has gained as a high-society woman in Sodom. She wishes she could take it all. Tears fill her eyes. She wonders whether or not she really wants to leave it all and follow God. And when it’s time to go, the angels literally have to drag her, aching over the loss of everything that she holds dear, out of her home (19:16). That is why she “looked back” in 19:26. Because she, like the rich young ruler after her, loved her material possessions and her societal position more than she loved the Lord. Evidently, there was a pillar of salt in the area that people believed was Lot’s wife and stood as a monument to her disobedience. Josephus says he actually saw it. Read Josephus; How is this possible? Evidently, the key is in the word ‘behind’ in v 26; she lingered and lagged behind. Jesus gives us some insight here: Luke 17.29-33

Conclusion: So, how can we conclude this? Moses tells us: Rd v 27-28; Abraham stood in the place where he had interceded with God and got his teaching lesson. Can you hear the silence of the moment and see in your minds eye the plumes of smoke rising from the scorched earth in the distance? Here’s what Abraham learned: He was taught that a righteous judge is just and merciful. Just, because he destroyed the cities of wickedness (rd v 29a); Merciful, because he saved Lot and his daughters.

Transition: So, who then should we live our lives in view of God’s justice and mercy?

Tonight we conclude this passage in v 30-38: This passage is a sad commentary on Lot’s life. I’ve divided this passage into 4 parts:

  1. Preface: Historical update (30)
  2. Problems: No lineage; fiancés are dead (31)
  3. Plans: (32-35)
    1. Older Daughter presents her plan (32)
    2. They get Lot drunk and Older Daughter follows through with her plan and lies with him (33)
    3. Older Daughter encourages Younger Daughter with the same plan (34)
    4. They get Lot drunk and Younger Daughter follows through with the plan and lies with Lot (35)
    5. Preservation: Sons who would become nations (36-38)
      1. They got pregnant
      2. The Moabites
      3. The Ammonites

Transition: Let’s continue now with this Introduction

I.               Preface: An Historical Update (30)

exp.: rd v 30a; he was afraid – no wonder! But really, what had God told him? rd v 21-22; What does this say about his faith? Do you understand his decision, though? This place is like Sodom! Out of his fear, he now goes where he was told to go in the 1st place; Furthermore, look where he settles: rd v 30b; A Cave! This is a sad picture of where his life has ended up. It must be depressing to lose all of your earthly possessions. Then, add to that the loss of his wife. His fear overwhelms him and he ends up going to the place God directed him in the 1st place.

ill.: Finishing Strong: p. 4-5; Billy Graham; Chuck Templeton, Bron Clifford;

app.: His daughters must feel this is the end, too. As it is, their family tree will end with them.

t.s.: And that, they notice is their problem;

II.             Problems (31)

exp.: rd v 31; two that they mention;

  • Their Father is old; a widower, possibly to old to marry again – at least in their eyes;
  • Their husbands (fiancés) are dead, no other men in the land (earth, as opposed to world) to marry;

app.: Were these really problems? Question: Why didn’t Lot take his two girls and head toward Abraham’s camp? Pride? Embarrassment?


III.           Plans (32-35)

exp.: rd v 32;

  • Get Dad drunk with wine
  • Lie with him
  • Get pregnant with the next generation
  • Their intentions are to not let their family line end with them.

exp.: this is wrong on so many levels; could other plans have been made? Rd v 33; there is a pattern here with a repeat of the same words;

  • let us make our father drink wine (32) vs. let us make our father drink wine (34)
  • lie with him, that we may preserve offspring from our father (32) vs. lie with him, that we may preserve offspring from our father (34)
  • So they made their father drink wine that night (33) vs. So they made their father drink wine that night (35)
  • the firstborn went in and lay with her father. He did not know when she lay down or when she arose (33) vs. the younger arose and lay with him, and he did not know when she lay down or when she arose (35)

app.: good intentions don’t make an act right. The road of good intentions doesn’t lead to anywhere. If God desires something, he’ll provide a way. Cf. Abraham;

IV.           Preservation (36-38)

exp.: rd v 36; the result – the preservation of a heritage; rd v 37-38; Moab – Heb.: from or of my father; Ben-Ammi – Heb.: son of my people (kinsman); another word for word copy; to this day; John Hamilton: The narrative is now lifted out of its own historical context and projected into the time frame of the narrator. The Moabites and Ammonites exist by no effort of Lot. It seems that is a theme for his life – by no effort of his own. He was successful because of Abraham; he was rescued because of Abraham; he was prominent in Sodom, because of his success, because of Abraham;

Observations & Implications:

  1. Isn’t there a stark contrast between Abraham, the man who believed God and Lot, the man who descended into the darkest of life?
  2. Do we realize the depths to which sin will take us: Sin will: (Farrar)
    1. Take you farther than you wanted to go.
    2. Keep you longer than you wanted to stay.
    3. Cost you more than you wanted to pay. (Nueces River story)
    4. Lot was Ambushed because his life was informed by the following areas:
      1. Finances – used his wealth
      2. Fidelity – incest with his girls
      3. Family – wife lingered and longed for what she was leaving behind; his girls plotted against him to preserve a lineage.
      4. Abraham was not Ambushed because his life was informed by his focus on his Faith.
      5. Concerning Sodom & Gomorrah: Does the world around us not get anxious about the return of Jesus because we don’t get anxious about it either? Do we really act like He’s coming soon? Let us remember the Lord’s pronouncement of the Great Day of the Lord. Here is Strassner again: As it was “in the days of Lot,” so it will be “on the day that the Son of Man is revealed” (Luke 17:28–30). Hellfire and brimstone will come again. Only, on that day, there will be no mountains and no town “near enough to flee to” (Gen. 19:20). Our only refuge will be in the shadow of the Lord Jesus, who alone can forgive the sins that bring God’s judgment on the world.Our hearts should be broken over our nation and the deplorable, ungodly behavior we’re observing as it descends deeper and deeper into darkness.
      6. It is important to live righteous and godly lives. Isaiah 1.9: If the Lord of hosts had not left us a few survivors, we should have been like Sodom, and become like Gomorrah.

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