The Little Drummer Boy

Title: The Little Drummer Boy

Text: John 10.10

Introduction: the Little Drummer Boy is a story about a boy named Aaron who is orphaned when he’s little. It was at the hand of bandits that his parents lost their lives. His hatred for men only grows as he meets those who would use him. The only physical item left from his life with his family is a drum his parents gave him. Aaron plays his drum and the animals join in on his play. Aaron then puts his friendship and trust in these animals. Along his journey he makes three friends: Joshua the camel, Samson the mule, and Allie Baba the lamb. One day a man named Ben Hamin recognizes Aaron’s gift and enslaves him to play in his traveling caravan. During the course of this part of his life, the three kings from the orient need a camel and so Ben Hamin sells Aaron’s friend, Joshua the Camel to them. In order to save Joshua, Aaron must follow the same star the three kings were following. The star leads them to Bethlehem to the place the Savior is Born. There in Bethlehem, Allie Baba is hit by a chariot and injured. One of the three kings from the orient says he can’t help him, but this babe can.

Your gift, given out of desperation of a pure heart is the one favored above all.

There is a gift that’s been given for you. Life. As a Christian, you have a wonderful gift. In this passage today, there are 4 aspects to this life that John points out:

  • Physical Life
  • Purposeful Life
  • Protected Life
  • Promised Eternal Life

Transition: Let’s look at this 1st aspect:

I.         Physical Life. 

exp.: rd v 10; “may have life”; this isn’t spiritual alone; physical because the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy; Oh, how often do people miss that? How often do we think only of heaven as the gift of life and forget that we can journey through this life with God.

app.: I think so many miss out on life and never live it as God designed because they let Satan creep in and steal, kill and destroy the beauty that God intended life to be.

Ill.: they live life like Aaron in the movie – filled with hatred and bitterness at all they didn’t get. They let a few mean, evil people destroy their life, steal away the joy they could have. Some people get so down about it, that they take their own life. That is when the thief gets his ultimate victory.

Transition: No, Christ came to give us life filled with joy and peace. But look at that 2nd aspect, it really builds on the 1st

II.       Purposeful Life. 

exp.: rd 10c; “Have it abundantly”; lit.: more; abundantly more, exceedingly more; Satan wants you to just exist, to live and die by eking out an existence! He wants your focus on things! Turn to Lk 16.10

  1. Physical Dimension.  Luke 16:11
  2. Spiritual Dimension. Look at 1 John 3:8-10 – Purpose statement;

app.: we see his purpose is to destroy the work of Satan and set us free from sin. Rd v 10 again;

ill.: using things and loving people, that’s the way it should be. Not using people and loving things. He who loves his brother.

Transition: Physical Life, Purposeful Life and 3rd,

III.     Protected Life.

exp.: rd v 11-13; “I Am the Good Shepherd.” Not like the hired hand; these sheep are mine! Rd v 14-18; this includes us – Gentiles; we are His sheep; Ps 95.6-7; John 10:27-29; we are His and no one is able to snatch us out of the Father’s hand; Here is the principle: He who is able to save you, is able to keep you!

Transition: Physical Life, Purposeful Life, Protected Life and finally,

IV.     Promised Eternal Life.

exp.: rd v 19-30; Did you see that in v 28? “I give them eternal life” and they will never perish! John 3:16

Conclusion: Jesus came to this earth to restore life to all who are spiritually dead.  The cross over-shadows the manger.  Jesus provides the ultimate Christmas gift.  Did you tell Him thank you?  Let the Lord’s Supper enable you to say thanks this morning.

Observance of the Lord’s Supper

–       A reminder of his purpose in coming

–       A reminder to not enter in lightly

Observations & Implications:

  1. Live life to the fullest possible extent. Enjoy a sunrise, a sunset. Visit a state this year you’ve never been to before. Live life to the full.
  2. If you’ve never accepted this free gift, I offer it to you today.

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